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Dabble-Fast Thinking Word Game

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Are you a word-game enthusiast? Devoted to crosswords, an expert at Scrabble? Crazy for anagrams? Then you will love Dabble! Dabble has won the following awards:
* 10 Best Games Award, by Dr. Toy's
* Word Game of The Year by Creative Child
* Parents’ Choice Gold Award
* Top 10 Play Advances Language Award
* You are given 20 random letters, and you have five minutes to spell five separate words on a graduated bleacher.
* One word must be two letters, the next three letters, the next four letters, the next five letters, and the final whopper of a word must be six letters long.
* Playing Dabble challenges you to think fast, think strategically, and dig deep into your vocabulary.
* Do you start with the longest word, or the shortest?
* How do you cope with a limited supply of vowels?
* Just how are you going to use that J, or Q, or X?
* Dabble is the kind of game that is as simple as it is challenging.
* It rewards players with quick wits, a large vocabulary, and perfect spelling.
* Rate Dabble The Fast Thinking Word Game 5 stars in the App Store, so we can continue making exciting new features for you!
BOARD GAMEIf you like our app, Dabble is also available as a Board Game! Please visit to purchase the game.